Did you know that cashiers in these big grocery stores can be very wicked! I bought groceries worth M3000 and you can almost imagine how big a hip I had on the cashier’s desk. When I got home and began to unpack, I only then learned items worth about M260 were in the receipt but not in the plastics. I immediately rushed back to the particular store and reported my case. It seemed just showing me who the real manager was a serious problem and the fake managers I was directed to did all they could to dismiss my case.

Eventually I left the store accepting the defeat. When I got home I told a friend about my story and he told me about ALE. I knew ALE but had no idea it was an engine designed for every hopeless person. First dialogue one lawyer told me to meet her first thing at the entrance of the store the following day. I felt it was too good to be true but did as she said. We met and went into the store. She talked with 2 people and proceeded to the inside office. Cameras were checked and it transpired a lady who was packing for me swept some items underneath a pile of plastics and later took them and slipped into her handbag. I was given new items and this professional also demanded payment for the service she rendered and there we were with my new lawyer, happy and our real relationship began. ALE is so smart and has smart professionals. You may just guess what happened to the little devious thief; dismissed without any warning.