About Us

Autonomous Legal Engine (ALE) is a professional forum where citizens who often are laymen when it comes to the knowledge of the law are given a platform to ask and get answers to basic legal questions instantly. If we really aspire to live in a community of law abiding citizens, then legal advice should not always be for sale.

Imagine you are a doctor driving your  car in a hurry to get to hospital after an urgent call to attend a dying patient. At then after a sharp bend you find a traffic roadblock and  you ought to pull over when instructed by the traffic official. Despite your thousand trials to make the official aware that you are desperate to ……….However, how far do the powers of the traffic policeman extent over the road users? Can they keep people for as long as they want regardless of your time and plans? Are there standard procedures to be applied in such inspections or policemen are at liberty to do as they wish?

Have you ever felt like the 8th question you are asked is merely looking for fault on your part? Questions like why you travel with a 9 year old in the front of the car and yet you even are driving a single cab barkie? Questions like why you have people in the back of your barkie as if they are goods? When a traffic inspector gets to such questions you feel its best he charges you of the offence you have committed , fines you and frees you. Time is money, avoid wasting any second.

What if he tells you he does not have a fine receipt book and threatens he will instruct you to change your plans and route to his office where you will be duly fined? Who wants his time terribly wasted? If nobody, then the best strategy to get you pays M100 and go. Ever wondered how much the legal fine for that particular offence should have been? M30 maybe which money would not go to an individual but to the ministry maybe be used the benefit of the nation tomorrow. In such desperate moments, you wish you had a lawyer to call and ask about your legal position. ALE brings such a service to your convenience at an affordable price. ASK PROFESSIONAL LAWYERS THERE AND THEN AND KNOW WHAT TO SAY OR DO.

What about a furniture delivery vehicles that pulls before your house one fine morning? Despite the 11 months you have been paying they take your sofas because you defaulted in payment for the past 2 months. Should you be treated like that? Are they entitled to taking that property without any court order? Know your rights and entitlements. ASK PROFESSIONAL LAWYERS OR FIND A LAWYER RIGHT HERE TO HANDLE YOUR ALL FRUSTRATIONS.