About Child Advocacy

Child Advocacy Centre is a legally registered non-profit making organisation aimed at protecting as well as enforcing the rights of children in Lesotho. It is a centre where anyone can report abuse or violence he or she sees done to a child so that an action whether legal, psychological or social will be taken by the CACL team.

To report any abuse or violation of the rights of children, just click the button written report and go ahead. Please bear in mind that by keeping silent you are taking part in the act of abusing that child and taking a bold step to talk may save the future of that particular child.

If u see a parent who does not bath children, cares less where her/his children are even late after 8.p.m or a man seems to relate sexually with children below 18, report so that together we bring such abusers before the law. This is a free platform intended to protect and assist children in many ways.

On the right is a panel of our professionals who are full time watch dogs ready to follow up on any scandal, abuse or violence against children. Should you need the services of either of us, contact CACL. Any person who gives the CACL team a case must remember that emergency cases must be reported first to the police and then may be brought to the attention of CACL.

To REPORT ABUSE , call a nearby police station on their toll free numbers here.

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