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You surely will need the services of a lawyer at some point in your life. If you do not believe, ask anyone you see at court and find out if he or she ever thought he was the court type! Anyway, you do not have to break the letter of the law to require the services of a lawyer. You may need to draft a constitution for your organisation, deed of transfer for the site you are buying,  running policies for the club, organisation or company etc

Find a lawyer is a button specifically designed to help you select a lawyer you like hassle free. With one click on the button, profiles of our professional lawyers detailed with their addresses and locations will be shown. How simple, then the choice will be yours whether you need such a lawyer just for consultation or you already have a matter to cook with the courts.

ALE lawyers are professionals, so allay your worries, you are in good hands. However, take note that all services you get online here are free of charge and that each lawyer charges their own legal fees for further private consultation at their various offices or chambers. Our task is just helping you with immediate online legal advice then help you meet a lawyer for further consultation.

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