Chambers are basically offices of legal professionals. In chambers every legal work can be done hence they are those lawyers who are in a position to assist you with your legal matter from A-Z without having to employ the assistance of other lawyers. You can sure of one thing, anyone who has opened a chamber has been in practice at least for more than 3 years. Therefore, with chambers you are sure that you are not consulting amateurs.
There minimum charges expected of all chambers but the maximum be sure…there is no limit. So it is up to you to decide if you are following the restrictions of your pocket or taking the most notorious lawyers despite their charges. Professionalism is found in most chambers and whatever the legal matter…you are covered.
They are registered with the law society and as such are monitored not to taint the legal profession in any way. Therefore, in case you are mistreated by a lawyer from chambers, then you have the law society to complain to. For litigation, it is always advised that one uses lawyers with chambers but any other matters the choice is ample.

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