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Not all lawyers own chambers. The truth is, we do not like the same things in life. Such lawyers are referred to as freelancers and they can do some legal work such as legal drafting of the organisational constitutions, deeds of transfer and many others. However, such lawyers may not by themselves represent you before the courts of law unless they work with lawyers with chambers.
The benefit of using freelancers is that they can come to you at any time, are often less costly than lawyers who own chambers. However, working with them might be risky in that they do not have any work address and proving that you paid them money to do a particular job or even locating them might be difficult unless you know them for a particular period of time. Some of them may do the work in a way that is less professional in the eyes of a client.
Bottom line, freelancers are qualified lawyers and some even work for established legal firms or organisations. They do not however run chambers or are they based at any particular offices. But when it comes to the knowledge of the law, they are still as good. It is important to prove that such lawyers have a practising certificate.

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